Why Cam Is A Leader

Cam served as President Barack Obama’s “Great Lakes Czar” in Washington, D.C. and Chicago from 2009 until 2017.  During his tenure, Cam coordinated 11 federal departments including the White House Council on Environmental Quality, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Corps of Engineers.  He also served as the President’s liaison to Congress for the Great Lakes, where he successfully advocated with Democrats and Republicans alike for an annual $300 million program to fund restoration projects for the Great Lakes.

Cam previously served as President & CEO of the Alliance for the Great Lakes. Under his leadership, the Alliance started the Adopt-a-Beach® program with 10,000 volunteers around the region, winning the American Bar Association’s Environmental Law & Policy Award, the first time in history a non-profit advocacy organization was awarded the honor.

Cam doesn’t back down from taking aggressive stances to defend the public’s interest in water.

While at the Alliance, Cam successfully led the campaign to ban oil and gas drilling under Lake Michigan, while beating back an attempt by BP to increase pollution discharges to Lake Michigan. Cam is a former litigator for the National Wildlife Federation and Professor at the University of Michigan Law School.  He began his career as a volunteer organizer, cleaning up the beaches of our Great Lakes region.

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